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Jay Cutler: The Perfect Man for the Job

jay cutler chicago bearsBy Kyle

Jay Cutler began his career in Chicago a bit tumultuously to say the least. However, for those of us who have always been in his corner, it is outstanding to see him finally picking apart defenses in the way we knew he was capable of. Do not mark this as him suddenly becoming a better player, though I have no doubt he has worked tirelessly to become one, but it can mostly be attributed to him finally building a trust with receivers as well as getting even the slightest bit of protection. While everyone knows how many times he was thrown to the ground on several occasions, it is no wonder that during the current 4 game winning streak for the Bears the offensive line has played remarkably better. Now that Jay has been allowed to show fans and doubters alike what he is capable of, it has become evident that he is just the quarterback that this city needs, as he truly embodies the city he is attempting to lead to the promised land.

The leadership displayed by Jay since his career in Chicago began is something that his doubters would like to point at as a skill in which he is lacking, but as anyone who has followed his time there from the start can attest this is far from the truth. Cutler was insistent that the bears would be able to find a way to win from the beginning, and while it is true he may have seemed negative at times it has only been to address true areas of weakness on the team. His teammates have always come to his defense when it came to criticism, and he has always defended them vehemently when it comes to things such as unjust fines from the league (see: Earl Bennett’s Shoes). He has proved since the first time he ran out of the tunnel as a Bear that he was willing to fight for the guy next to him, even throwing a couple beautiful blocks on reversed plays since he has been in town.

As most people know, while Chicago is an incredibly windy place, it originally garnered the moniker “The Windy City” because of how the people could talk, and this is an area in which Jay is no exception. He is the perfect leader for the team in that he will not take unjust criticism from anyone, and he will also not back down from any challenge. These points were never more evident than this past Sunday when he had his helmet violently ripped off by (the dirtiest player in the league) Ndamukong Suh, and when many were holding their breath to make sure he was ok after the violent hit and subsequent helmet fiasco Cutler jumped right to his feet and began letting Suh know just who he was messing with. This fiery demeanor is exactly what embodies the blue collar city, and it was a refreshing sight to see a quarterback who came across as genuinely tough wearing the blue and orange. We have known for a while now that the man does not care what you think of him, and that is yet another perfect example to the case I am making. Jay Cutler plays to win, he plays for his teammates, and he plays for the city of Chicago. If you think that he isn’t performing well, or do not like the way he handles a given situation, then that is unfortunate for you because it will not affect Jay in the slightest. Many criticized a certain profane response to a disagreement with offensive coordinator Mike Martz a few weeks back, but even then the team understood that it was only his passion to score and win that caused such a tirade.

Everyone around the league knows about the controversy surrounding his removal from last year’s NFC Championship game, but finally that criticism has faded into the background. Despite not being able to put weight on that leg, Cutler was criticized for not risking further injury and hurting the team’s chances to win by coming out in the second half. Now that his critics around the league have been able to witness the vicious hits he took while being sacked far too many times, as well as plays such as the one involving Suh, they are beginning to develop an appreciation for one of the league’s toughest players, let alone quarterbacks.

When it comes down to it, it is quite clear that the city of Chicago shares a remarkable amount of key features with its quarterback. Along with the success of one of the best running backs in the league it is finally evident that the Bears possess an Offense capable of matching and occasionally outshining their always spectacular defense and special teams. With Cutler at the helm, the fans of this great city are poised to have a quarterback they can get behind for the long run, and hopefully he is able to laugh at all doubters someday soon while hoisting a certain trophy with his teammates.


One response

  1. mitchell schnulle

    finally the guy i have been waiting for…u my friend have come through big with this one. not saying i like jay but u brought about some very crucial, and controversial facts…i love the way u attacked jays critics, just like he does not on camera..the wait was well worth lets deliver something about drose or peyton manning, hell even daniel carcillo..schnulle out

    November 17, 2011 at 1:29 am

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